A worksheet a day keeps math fear away

A worksheet a day keeps math fear away

Mathematics is like ladyfingers; students either love it, or can't stand it. It is probably the first subject in the academic curriculum of your child that he'd start relating to real life. So ignoring, fearing, avoiding, or not doing maths is not in our options.

If your child doesn't like maths, do not take it lightly. Being the first mentor of your child, you need to take the charge and make him practice more and more. There is an old saying - practice makes a man perfect. Our elders and seniors also teach us the same. Even Bruce Wayne had to face bats to become the Batman. And with the right amount of practice, your child may soon start loving maths and problem solving in general.

Just like we believe that a half-an-hour workout every day is sufficient to keep our bodies healthy and fit, a small mental workout is sufficient to keep our brains smart and fit. Our online education experts at edugain.com strongly believe; "A worksheet a day keeps maths fear away."

According to the educationists at Edugain, sitting over a study table for long hours and trying to battle a subject you fear, is history. We're living in the smart age now and our work has to be equally smart, as it is hard. They put a lot of thought into designing a way to automatically create worksheets at the click of a button, as many as a student would need, for all topics and grades. The good part is, no two worksheets are the same. This means students can practice as much as they want exactly the topics that they need.

When students spend some time online with Edugain, it can also start suggesting what topics they should practice mode.

Edugain is free to start using.